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Economic Immigrants

Before I moved to England two years ago I had known that there are lots of Poles living in the UK, however, already after I started my life here I realised that the number of Polish people who decided to settle down in Britain can be overwhelming……especially in the area where are live now.

After I moved to England I lived with my family in a little village twenty minutes away from London. In the Capital as well as around it, there are many Polish people, shops and companies run by Poles. There were five Polish ladies working with me in the same department at one the East London’s colleges. They were the most professional and dedicated teachers I have ever met. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. Not only were they fantastic teachers but also helpful and supporting colleagues I could always rely on. I felt proud that Polish people were outstanding ESOL teachers.. After a year we moved to Midlands and soon after that I started teaching in one the colleges over there…… no other Poles working in the college, hundreds of Polish students though along with Lithuanian, Moldavian, Romanian, etc… basically Eastern Europeans.

Cities in the UK attract all kinds of immigrants – the educated ones with qualifications and having a good command of English as well as people without English or qualifications working even twelve hours a day earning peanuts. The latter ones left their countries, families and friends for the same reasons as all economic immigrants – which is to make a better living, however, they often the most courageous ones as they are eager to do any job, no matter how hard it is, earning minimum wages. Immigrants without English or qualifications do jobs which The British refuse to do as it is either too hard or the money is not good enough to be bothered. There are plenty of immigrants who do not speak English which is one of the reasons why they cannot get well paid jobs. When I first came here I was stressed when I had to speak with teachers’ at my daughters; school, doctors etc. even though I had already spoken English fluently. How incredibly difficult it must be for those who do not speak English? How do they handle everyday situations? I am absolutely impressed with some of them, especially those who work hard in factories all they long and then after work come for 2,5 hours to college to learn English so they can communicate with their employers, teachers at their children’s schools, doctors etc.. What is even more admirable – they pay for the courses by themselves – which is not so little.

Life of an Immigrant is not as easy as one may think. Immigrants are belong to a very vulnerable group of society. They left their families and the culture they were brought up in to make a better living , to give a better future to their children.

Economic immigrants are not the ones who came here for benefits but the ones who are willing to work hard, learn English, assimilate and be treated with respect.